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4th-Aug-2012 08:52 am - [sticky post] Welcome!
Welcome to twstoryfinders, a sister community to teenwolfprompts.

We are a community dedicated to the location of fics that you have either lost the link to, the title of, or can only remember the a few small details of. General requests are allowed but please post any prompt type requests at our sister community. Please see our rules and posting guidleines for specifics.

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18th-Aug-2012 11:09 pm - Looking for a Derek/Stiles fic
I was reading a ton of fic last week, and now I can't remember which one I'm looking for! I'm looking for a fic that was: Derek/Stiles, involved Stiles' dad finding out about the whole werewolf mess, and  I think it was from his dad's POV, but I'm not sure. The one scene I can remember clearly was the sheriff watching while Stiles told Derek(in werewolf form) to attack/kill someone that the pack was fighting.
Good luck with request #1, guys!
Shadow Hearts 2
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